Transformational Team Coaching


 With an energised and enthusiastic approach, we will get to the bottom of your team's issues and turn them around. With an open and honest delivery, an exceptional understanding of effective teamwork we help businesses to move forward. Using a range of coaching, mentoring and facilitation techniques we can build trust and alignment in the team to help them be the best they can be. We understand the issues faced by the SME world and will tailor the approach to your individual business needs. 

Employee and Customer engagement


  Working with Leaders, Managers and team leaders to ensure that the Customer is part of the vision and mission of the company. Energising the company with a renewed enthusiasm for the customer relationship and encouraging the company to live the values they have defined. Working with different types of teams to build trust within the company and within the customer relationship to propel the business forward.

Talent Development


 Understands the need to develop all employees as quickly as the business grows and changes, preparing for vacancies and future needs as well as progression planning for all roles and the board. We use emotional intelligence to identify key areas for improvement and to recognise the required business skills and aptitudes. Developing a coaching and mentoring mindset within the business to develop the existing team and any new hires. Interview and CV Coaching also available

Process review


  Reviews processes and challenges their effectiveness, working to develop sustainable improvements that will deliver improved performance quality and efficiency. Helps to ensure vision, strategies and individuals align with the business objectives, KPIs, processes and technology to ensure results and embed the desired culture. Engages colleagues, stakeholders and third parties to align around a common vision, implementation and communications plans to optimise returns, minimise inaction and manage long term risks.